Changing the Delay of the Analog-Digital Conversion in Reduce the Leakage Signal Effect

Authors: Kichigin A.A., Shakhtarin B.I. Published: 06.07.2019
Published in issue: #3(126)/2019  
DOI: 10.18698/0236-3933-2019-3-95-102

Category: Informatics, Computer Engineering and Control | Chapter: System Analysis, Control, and Information Processing  
Keywords: short range radiolocation system, microwave module, linear frequency modulation, difference frequency signal, subsampling, leakage signal effect, microcontroller

The research of reduction the leakage signal effect in short range radiolocation system is considered. LFM signal is used as a probe signal. The structure of the differential frequency signal and the structure of operating harmonic are shown for the spectral method of processing the useful signal. To reduce the leakage signal effect, it is proposed to use subsampling of the useful signal with a variable delay of the clock signal of the analog-to-digital converter. The dependence between the level of the parasitic component of the operating harmonic signal, due to the leakage signal effect, and the delay of the clock signal of the analog-digital converter, is given. The clock signal of the analog-digital converter is generated by a microcontroller timer. The timer is initialized in pulse width modulation mode. The required delay of the clock signal of the analog-digital converter is selected by changing the threshold of the timer. For testing the algorithm, a microwave module K-LC5 and a prototype board with a microcontroller STM32F407 are used


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