Compact Erbium-Glass Diode Pumping Laser Emitter with Acousto-Optic Q-Switching

Authors: Bondarenko D.A., Karasik V.Ye., Magdich L.N., Pogonyshev O.O., Sadovskiy P.I., Semenkov V.P. Published: 29.09.2017
Published in issue: #5(116)/2017  
DOI: 10.18698/0236-3933-2017-5-14-30

Category: Instrument Engineering, Metrology, Information-Measuring Instruments and Systems | Chapter: Acoustic  
Keywords: erbium-glass laser emitter, design method, acousto-optic shutter, diffraction efficiency, laser rangefinder

The work focuses on the design method of erbium-glass pulse laser emitter, working in eye-safe wavelength range (1540 nm), with an acousto-optic crystal quartz shutter. The study shows that if the driving power supplied to the acousto-optic shutter is 25 W, diffraction efficiency can reach no less than 0.45 that can be considered as acceptable value for vibration damping in low gain active medium of erbium-glass laser. We used the system of active medium rate equations to create an erbium-glass laser model that can make optimization of laser emitter output characteristics. Within our research we designed and created an experimental model sample of erbium-glass acousto-optic shuttered laser, emitting pulses with duration 16 ns, energy 15 mJ and frequency 2...5 Hz. Findings of the research can be successfully used for perfection of pulse laser rangefinder characteristics


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