Determination of Gas Concentrations in Complex Multi-Component Mixtures by Method of Bayes Estimations

Authors: Kozintsev V.I., Eden G., Belov M.L., Smirnova O.A., Gorodnichev V.A., Eremenko L.N. Published: 03.03.2014
Published in issue: #4(77)/2009  

Category: Laser and opto-electronic systems  
Keywords: multi-component mixtures, laser gas analysis, Bayes estimations

Gas concentrations in complex multi-component mixtures are determined by the method of Bayes estimations of a solution of a system of differential equations of gas analysis. It is shown that such a method allows the determination of gas concentrations for the case when components of a gas mixture have a smooth absorption spectrum without protruding absorption peaks or if concentrations of mixture components differ by some orders of value, whereas methods of the Tikhonov's regularization and search for quasi-solutions give errors amounting to hundreds and thousands percents.