Increasing the Angular Sweep Range of Laser Beam in the Anisotropic Acousto-Optic Deflector

Authors: Bondarenko D.A., Karasik V.Ye., Semenkov V.P. Published: 10.12.2014
Published in issue: #6(99)/2014  

Category: Laser and opto-electronic systems  
Keywords: anisotropic acousto-optic deflector, paratellurite, acousto-optic interaction geometry, light-acoustic line, angular sweep range of beam

Method of increasing the angular sweep range of beam in the anisotropic acoustooptic deflector in paratellurite by increasing the incidence angle of the diffracted beam on the output side of the deflector is proposed. On the basis of vector diagrams the calculation methods of the acoustooptic interaction geometry in an paratellurite crystal for the lower and upper branches of diffraction under specified range of operating frequency of control is presented. The ratio for calculation of light-acoustic line design of the proposed unit and linearization of the beam deflection angles at the deflector output under condition of incident and emerging beams parallelism are obtained. It is shown that for the laser beam with a radiation wavelength 1,064 μm maximum angular sweep range of beam reaches 5.7° at the deflector output under condition of incident and emerging beams parallelism and 7.5° in case of deviation from this condition, which is confirmed by experimental studies.


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