Control of Spatial Spectrum of Laser Beam Using Frequency-Shift Signals in Laser Scanning Tele-Orientation Systems

Authors: Bondarenko D.A., Karasik V.Ye., Semenkov V.P. Published: 09.09.2013
Published in issue: #3(88)/2012  

Category: Laser and opto-electronic systems  
Keywords: acousto-optic deflector, frequency-shift signal, multi-beam diffraction order, window Fourier transform, effective time aperture of deflector, tele-orientation system

Based on the window Fourier transform, the instantaneous intensity spectra of multi-beam diffraction orders are analyzed at the output of the acousto-optic deflector that is controlled by the frequency-shiftsignal. According to results of numerical simulation and experimental check, recommendations are given on choosing control signal parameters to obtain quasi-homogeneous control fields in scanning teleorientationsystems.