Suboptimal equilibrium positional control of multiple-object system based on multiprogram stabilization

Authors: Voronov E.M., Karpunin A.A., Frolov S.V., Zhang Xian Jian Published: 10.06.2013
Published in issue: #4(89)/2012  

Category: Control Systems  
Keywords: multicriterion synthesis, positional control, multiprogram stabilization, conflict dynamics, bilinear model, synergistic approaches

Within three classes of applied problems under conditions of initial structural non-coordination of the conflict interaction and uncertainty in the theory of optimal control of multiple-object multicriterion systems based on the stably effective tradeoffs, a problem is stated and solved regarding the multicriterion synthesis of positional control of dynamics of conflict of multiple object systems in the form of bilinear model of dynamics of averages. Solving of this problem is relied on the results of multicriterion synthesis of positional control based on the multiprogram stabilization methods and the synergetic approaches.