Multiple-Criteria Synthesis of Positional Control Based on Multiprogram Stabilization. Part 1

Authors: Voronov E.M. Published: 09.09.2013
Published in issue: #2(87)/2012  

Category: Control Systems  
Keywords: multiple-criteria synthesis, positional control, multiprogram stabilization, softwarecompensated control, network operator

A technique for multiple-criteria synthesis of positional control as a function of the system state is considered. The technique is based on the multiprogram stabilization method developed to the multiprogram positional control. In this case, the specified multiprogram set of trajectories, generated by multiple-criteria optimal controls (as time functions) on a set of initial conditions, acquires under multiprogram stabilization the asymptotic properties for a trajectory of the multiplecriteria positional control and plays a role of the practical extension of a class of "attracting" manifolds (attractors). The multiprogram stabilization methods are developed.