Numerical study of elements of scanning antennas

Authors: Khandamirov V.L., Nikolaev S.V., Litun V.I.  Published: 13.09.2013
Published in issue: #3(92)/2013  

Category: Radio Electronics  
Keywords: phased array, electrical scanning, reflective elements, microstrip vibrator

Elements of antennas with beam electric scanning are considered. The investigations are aimed at improvement of their mass and overall dimensions characteristics. The integrated phasing elements (in which the radiator is combined with the phase changer) made on the basis of stripline vibrators (with electronic switchers being compact and light weighted). The electrodynamic model of these devices is developed using the Ansoft HFSS 10 computer-aided design system. Studying the electrodynamic models of these elements has been performed using the numerical experiment. Dependences of variation in phase of the reflection coefficients on different parameters are obtained for these radiators. In particular, dependences of variation in phase of the reflection coefficient on the vibrator length are obtained for different periods of their location and different permittivity values. This allows the element's topology to be chosen which is best from the standpoint of obtaining the require phase shift. The dependence of the phase of reflection coefficient on values of reactive capacitance loads included in vibrators at different array period, material permittivity, thickness, vibrator width, and distance to the shielding surface, as well as on the position of a reactive capacitance load is also investigated. The performed calculations demonstrate the possibility to control phases of the reflected electromagnetic waves using the vibrator structures containing electronic switchers.


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