Study of feasibility to use the terahertz imaging systems for medical diagnostics

Authors: Zaitsev K.I., Karasik V.Ye., Koroleva S.A., Fokina I.N. Published: 10.06.2013
Published in issue: #4(89)/2012  

Category: Radio Electronics  
Keywords: terahertz radiation, imaging system, parametrical image, early diagnostics of skin diseases

The feasibility to use the active terahertz imaging systems for the early diagnostics of the skin diseases is investigated by mathematical simulation methods. The imaging system comprising a square matrix receiver and the system constructed on the basis of a terahertz spectrometer with raster scanning of the object are analyzed. A model of laminated medium is proposed, and on its basis, the process of construction of skin part images is simulated by means of numerical solving of the Maxwell equations using the finite difference method. A maximum depth is estimated, on which the tumor can be detected. The simulation results are compared with experimental data.