Technique of Determination of Speed Performance of Frequency Synthesizer with Switching of Pumping Currents and Time Constants of Low-Pass Filters

Authors: Romanov S.K., Tikhomirov N.M., Rakhmanin D.N. Published: 03.11.2013
Published in issue: #3(80)/2010  

Category: Radio Electronics  
Keywords: pulse-phase lock system, frequency synthesizer, phase-frequency detector, charge pumping, mode of beats, transient acceleration, timer

Analytical expressions are derived for determination of time of the frequency and phase stabilizing in the pulse-phase lock system of the frequency synthesizer with the mode of beats and switching of the pumping currents and elements of the low-pass filter. Results of computations using the derived relations are compared with results of simulation using MATLAB/Simulink. The study results are reduced to simple formulas and tables.