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Averchenkov V.I.

Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Prof.

Bryansk State Technical University

Bryansk, Russian Federation

Averchenkov V.I.

V.I. Averchenkov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor of the Department of Computer Technologies and Systems, Bryansk State Technical University. In 1970 he graduated from Bryansk Institute of Transport Engineering. He was the Head of the Department of Computer Technologies and Systems (2003–2017), Vice-Rector for Informatization and International Cooperation (1994–2013), the Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation (1997), the Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education (2000), awarded the Order of Friendship (2003). He is the author of over 500 scientific works, including 50 monographs and manuals on the creation and use of automated design systems and information security systems. He was responsible for developing the theory of formalization of methods of technological design, used in building CAD-CAM systems, as well as a number of subsystems for the use of information technologies in education, economics and management, and when designing integrated information security systems. 

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